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Is a mysterious pit discovered on a remote island in southern sea of Beoluska, Where is the current Orth's city.

Inside it, are mysterious relics and creatures.

The pit diameter are around 1,000 meters, and the depth is still unknown.

Abyss Layer'sEdit

First Layer (0~1350m): Depths of the Abyss

First Layer Anime

Second Layer (1350~2600m): Forest of Temptation

Observation Base Anime

Second Layer Observation Base

Third Layer (2600~7000m): Great Fault

Fourth Layer (7000~12000m): The Cup of Giants

Nanachi Habitation Anime

Fourth Layer Nanachi's Habitation

Fifth Layer (12000~13000m): Sea of Corpses

Forward Operating Base Anime

Fifth Layer Forward Operating Base

Sixth Layer (13000~15500m): The Capital of Unreturned

Seventh Layer (15500~???m): Final Malestorm

Bottom of Abyss (over 20000m)

Current State of Abyss

Current State of Abyss

Curse of AbyssEdit

Adventurers they cross deeper inside the Abyss suffer with the 'Curse of Abyss' symptoms:

First Layer: Decompression sickness.

First Layer Curse of Abyss

Second Layer and deeper: Heavy nausea, headache and numbness of limbs.

Second Layer Curse of Abyss

Third Layer and deeper: Loses the sense of balance and experience visual and auditory hallucinations.

Fourth Layer and deeper: Experience of pain through your whole body, and bleed through every single orifice.

Fourth Layer Curse of Abyss

Fifth Layer and deeper: Confusion, self-harm associated with the loss of all sensations. Intense pain occurs frequently.

Sixth Layer and deeper: Leading to the loss of humanity or even death.

Sixth Layer Curse of Abyss