White whistles are the highest in the rank of whistles, used by the ones who surpassed their human limitations.

They are titled after their unique personification, and are armed with the artifacts of Abyss.

White Whistles Lords
Lord of Annihilation The Immovable Lord Lord of Dawn
Lyza Manga Ouzen Manga Bondrewd Manga
Lyza "The Annihilator" Ouzen "The Immovable" Bondrewd "The Novel"
Lord of Mystery Lord of Guidance
Srajo Manga Lord of Guidance
Srajo "The Mysterious" Wakuna "The Chosen"


Lyza's Whistle Lyza's Whistle Ouzen's Whistle Ouzen's Whistle Bondrewd's Whistle Bondrewd's Whistle Srajo's Whistle Srajo's Whistle Unknown Owner Whistle Wakuna's Whistle
Prushka Whistle-0Riko's Whistle